Alt Right vs. Anonymous: A Critical Comparison - with Gabriella Coleman / - Hear from a leading anthropologist of digital cultures

Alt-Startup: Intro to Nonprofits and Community Ownership / - A workshop for New Venture Challenge participants

Exit to Community: Legal Options / - Expect to come away with actionable tools for engineering your own E2C

Exit to Community: A New Option for Startups? / - What if startups could transition to ownership by the people who rely on them most?

If I Only Had a Heart: Accounting for Care Work in Organizations / - Activist Stacco Troncoso introduces the Decentralized Cooperative Organization

The Future of Startups, from Unicorns to Zebras / - A conversation with Mara Zepeda of Zebras Unite

Field Trip to System76 / - Visit a company that designs and builds open-source computers in Colorado

The New Trusts: Democratic Ownership Beyond the ESOP / - A webinar on emerging explorations on trust structures—their promise and their problems

Event: Boulder, Meet The Colorado Sun / - Join editors and reporters for a celebration of what they have accomplished