Leysia Palen teaches undergraduate and graduate level classes in the Human-Centered Computing area in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

INFO 7000: Introduction to Doctoral Studies (Fall 2018)  (Fall 2017)

INFO 6500: Information Science Seminar

INFO 6201: Interdisciplinary Ways of Knowing

INFO 4605/5605: Design Ethnography

CSCI 4830/7000:  Social Computing

CSCI 5919HCI: Survey & Synthesis I

User-Centered Design

One-Sheet Teaching/Learning Guide to "Empirical Epistemologies Applied to Human-Centered Computing Research"

Please use freely, send feedback, and cite as:

Palen, L. (2014). Empirical Epistemologies Applied to Human-Centered Computing Research: A One Page Guide. University of Colorado Boulder, Nov 16, 2014.