The syllabi will be updated throughout the course as needed to improve them and provide additional detail.  Please return to these links for the most up-to-date details, and note the change-date list at the top of them to see when changes were last made. Notifications of significant modifications will also be posted to the class by the course email list, and announced in class. 

Syllabus for the Undergraduate Section

Syllabus for the Graduate Section

Accessing the Readings

ALL STUDENTS. Readings are listed in the syllabi. All required readings for undergraduates and graduate students will be posted in advance to the course Yammer site. Be sure to navigate to the Social Computing Spring 2014 Group on the left side of the opening Yammer page so that you are in the right place. This is a private group available only to enrolled students. There you can find annotation tools that will let you leave annotations on the papers themselves.  Two annotations per paper are required for each student. For the video viewing--the first "reading" of the semester--you will leave comments instead as a reply to the post. 

GRAD STUDENTS. In addition, graduate students will have a Specialization Project that they will conduct in groups during the first part of the semester (see grad syllabi for dates). To conduct this project, Professor Palen has seeded the bibliographies that you will further grow with papers and materials. Those initial bibliographies are available here: 

Graduate Specialization Topics Seeded Bibliographies, 7 Topics

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