Designing for Mobile and Immersive Visual Analytics in the Field

(10.9MB) Matt Whitlock, Keke Wu & Danielle Albers Szafir. Designing for Mobile and Immersive Visual Analytics in the Field. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (to appear). [Published as part of the Proceedings of IEEE VIS 2019]

Abstract: Data collection and analysis in the field is critical for operations in domains such as environmental science and public safety. However, field workers currently face data- and platform-oriented issues in efficient data collection and analysis in the field, such as limited connectivity, screen space, and attentional resources. In this paper, we explore how visual analytics tools might transform field practices by more deeply integrating data into field practices. We use a design probe coupling mobile, cloud, and immersive analytics components to guide interviews with ten experts from five domains to explore how visual analytics could support data collection and analysis needs in the field. The results identify shortcomings of current approaches and target scenarios and design considerations for future field analysis systems. We embody these findings in FieldView, an extensible, open-source prototype designed to support critical use cases for situated field analysis. Our findings suggest the potential for integrating mobile and immersive technologies to enhance data's utility for various field operations and new directions for visual analytics tools to transform fieldwork.

Design Probe

Android Application

Source Code

Gear VR Unity Project

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FieldView Prototype

Use Cases 1 & 2:
Local Team Coordination & Data Quality

HoloLens Application: Source Code
Android Application: Source Code
Python Flask Server: Source Code

Use Case 3: Data Fusion

HoloLens Application: Source Code