Queer Representation on WikiData

LGBT equality depends on LGBT representation. Despite the advances in civil rights and media representation for the LGBT community, we remain under- and mis-represented in the myriad information systems through which we navigate our daily lives. It is easy to forget that trans identities were not possible on Facebook profiles 10 years ago; that LGBT people historically had to develop their own dating apps and online communities just to have an online home; and that even today, queer stories are obscured and omitted from history on Wikipedia.

Underrepresentation for the LGBTQ community on Wiki platforms like Wikipedia and Wikidata is intertwined with systemic under/misrepresentation of the LGBTQ community and individuals online. As our society increasingly builds data-driven web-based platforms and moves interactions online, this problem will only grow.

Currently we are focusing on:

  • Quantifing the disparities around LGBTQ representation.
  • Analyzing editorial policies around articles for entries about people that may discriminate against LGBTQ people (e.g., the “notability” requirement for Wikipedia pages on people and how notability is operationalized).
  • Using network analysis methods to characterize and visualize how LGBTQ pages are integrated within/linked to other content (another form of marginalization).


Katy Weathington, Jed Brubaker


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