Queer Identities on Dating Apps

Dating apps are often an unenjoyable experience. For many cisgender, heterosexual people, the main source of frustration are other users. However, for LGBTQ users, especially trans and non-binary people, dating apps are a pain even before interacting with any other users. In a setting where gender and sexuality are at the forefront of interactions, stifling data categories can restrict queer users from fully and accurately representing themselves.

To better understand the ability of queer users to present and record themselves within the data of dating apps, as well as the tensions that may result, we are critically examining the range of allowed identities within dating apps and investigating the experiences of non-cisgender people who may use these apps. We aim to provide recommendations for improving dating app experiences for LGBTQ users, as well as contribute broader insight into the “queering” of dating apps.


Katy Weathington, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman, Jed Brubaker, Adrian Petterson