Who are we?

The Identity Lab is led by Jed Brubaker, an Assistant Professor of Information Science in CU Boulder's college of Media, Communication, and Information. The lab focuses on studying and designing how identity is designed, represented and experienced in technology.

The team

Jed R. Brubaker

Lab Director
Assistant Professor

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder. I joined the faculty at CU after finishing a Ph.D. in the department of Informatics at UC Irvine. I love cat pics and gummy candies, and have never met a method I didn't like.

Jes Feuston

Postdoctoral Researcher
Information Science

I'm a postdoctoral associate and digital ethnographer in the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder. I completed my Ph.D. at Northwestern University, where I studied how people with mental illness participate online. Recently, my research also involves exploring tools to support qualitative researchers and research practices. I love my plants, embroidery, and my many animal and plant neighbors who graciously tolerate my presence in the yard.

Michael Ann DeVito

Postdoctoral Researcher
Information Science

I’m a postdoctoral Computing Innovation Fellow and qualitative HCI researcher with a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. I study how users and communities understand and adapt to the challenges of everyday, casual human/AI collaboration. This includes work on folk understandings of algorithms, as well as work on how queer and trans communities adapt to social platforms. Outside the lab, I am mostly about cats, space, playing bass, and being in the snow.

Anthony Pinter

Ph.D. Candidate
Information Science

I am a PhD Candidate in Information Science. My research focuses on how identity in constructed through our relationships with others in the wake of romantic breakups. In addition to my research, I've also garnered recognition for my teaching and service work at CU Boulder and elsewhere. Outside of my work in those realms, I enjoy spending my time outside, where I ride bikes and skis whenever possible, for as long as possible.

Morgan Klaus Scheuerman

Ph.D. Student
Information Science

I explore how individuals with diverse gender identities interact with technology. I earned a B.A. in Communication & Media Studies with a minor in Gender Studies at Goucher College and a M.S. in Human-Centered Computing at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In my spare time, I enjoy travel, hiking, photography, and consuming snobby hipster coffee beverages in mid-century modern cafes.

Kandrea Wade

Ph.D. Student
Information Science

I am a PhD student in Information Science where I research algorithmic identity and the digital surveillance of marginalized groups in order to create ethical regulations, legal protections and education on algorithmic identity and digital literacy. I received my MA in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University and BA in Technical Theatre from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Malinda (Mally) Dietrich

Ph.D. Student

As a PhD student in the Communication department, I strive to be an interdisciplinary scholar interested in understanding how technologies inscribe data and organize information through mainly ethnographic and archival methods. I earned my B.A. in Communication (concentration in Media) and my M.S. in Communication from North Carolina State University. I enjoy caffeine consumption, hiking (read: spending time with my dog), playing video games, making art, and watching hockey.

Katy Weathington

Ph.D. Student
Information Science

Katy Weathington is a second year PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Information Science. Her research centers on how data about marginalized people, primarily those with queer identites, gets made and implemented. She is co-advised by Brian Keegan

Dylan Thomas Doyle

Ph.D. Student
Information Science

I am a Ph.D student in Information Science researching the intersection between death, grief and technology design and investigating how online platforms and communities might better embed values of empathy to sustain holistic systems of support for their users. I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and former hospital chaplain. In my spare time I host The Radical AI Podcast, play guitar, and run marathons.

Casey Paul

BAM Student
Information Science

I’m a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Information Science with a minor in Creative Technology and Design. I am also earning my master’s degree in Information Science concurrently with my bachelors degree through a Bachelor’s Accelerated Masters program. My research has consisted of understanding the needs and preferences of data and online platforms for deceased users, and how the bereaved needs can be met. Outside of this work I enjoy sports photography, reading, skiing, and doing puzzles.

Undergraduate Students

We are supported by many amazing undergraduate researchers. Many projects would not have been possible without them:

  • Frank Stinar (Computer Science)
  • Joel Holton (Information Science)
  • Fahad Almansour (Advertising, Public Relations, and Media Design)


  • Caitie Lustig (University of Washington)

Lab Alumni

Graduate Members

  • Katie Gach, Ph.D. in Technology, Media, & Society (ATLAS), 2021
  • Aaron Jiang, Ph.D. in Information Science, 2020
  • Blake Hallinan, Ph.D. in Communication, 2019
  • Ethan Hanner, Computer Science

Undergraduate Members

  • Kayden Adams (Computer Science)
  • Amjad Alharbi (Computer Science)
  • Ian Fawaz (Computer Science)
  • Kyle Frye (Information Science)
  • Ellie Huey (Media Studies)
  • Marissa Kelley (Information Science)
  • Chris Koehler (Information Science)
  • Josh McCann (Computer Science)
  • Skyler Middler (Information Science)
  • Jacob Paul (Information Science)
  • Rachael Robinson (Applied Mathematics)
  • Tom Slesinger (Information Science)

Research Support

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation



Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Foundation

Gill Foundation

Gill Foundation